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As an electronic gadget geek I not only own and seek computer gadgets but I also have a cool collection of cameras. Part of my job description as a graphic designer, web designer and blogger is photography. Over the years I’ve collected several cameras from vintage SLR’s to several digital varieties.

My main camera is the Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR. This is a high quality camera that takes awesome pictures. I can easily upload my photos to iPhoto and tweak them in Photoshop. I then upload them through WordPress and add them to my websites.

Over the years I’ve ended up with a weird group of camera bags that I’ve been given or created using non-camera bags. After all of these years I finally have my first official camera case!

I looked at several camera cases trying to decide which case to go with and ended up with a very unique shoulder case which has now become my Canon bag. I now own the Case Logic SLR Shoulder Bag.

I love this case because it allows me to quickly slip my camera into the top of the bag with my every day lens on or my zoom lens. I used to have to remove my zoom just to get my camera in the bag. ThisĀ  unique top holds my camera and lens in a suspended position which protects it in case of bumps or drops.

The side panels are excellent for slipping in an extra lens or two and also great pockets on the front and back for cords, batteries and memory. The bottom of the case is hard plastic which is waterproof. This is great protection in case the bag ever ends up in a puddle of liquid.

I love the sleek style of this case and enjoy the fact that it feels small. I don’t get the feeling that I’m hauling around a square suitcase like I did with many of my other camera bags.

Anyway, just thought I’d do a quick camera bag review for those fellow geeks that own cameras, which I think most do. You can check out this camera case and one like it in a larger size at LoveCases.co.uk. Check out the latest Canon Rebel on Amazon.com.

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