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iPad Bum – someone that spends a lot of time enjoying themselves while on the iPad. In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions, the iPad is a computer… and a toy… and a tool… a gadget… and a companion. Sincerely, The iPad Club.

My name is Curtis D. Tucker, That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy, and I have an iPad! I guess my ultimate goal in life would be to wake up every day and make money blogging from my iPad. I could take it every where including the beach. I would sit in a hammock and type the day away. I would officially be… The iPad Bum!

So, this site is the first step in my quest to become the official iPad Bum. Pretty much everything I will know or learn about the Apple iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apps and accessories will be found here. I’m also looking for the next coolest app to create so stay tooned.

The Apple iPad is the Swiss Army Knife of electronic gadgets. I’ve heard it called many things and it has been compared to many gadgets. I consider the iPad a handheld multi media consumption and creation device. It is neither an iTouch or a computer, it’s pretty much a perfect combination of the two, a “Tweener”.

I currently own a G4 Power PC, G5 Power PC, G4 PowerBook, an iPhone 4, a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, an iMac and a PowerMac G5. I’ve also recently added a Timecapsule, Apple Magic Mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless TouchPad and a couple of Airport Expresses. I have Mobile Me and a collection of iPods including different versions of the Mini, Shuffle, Classic, Nano and Touch. Plus I have owned every version of the iPhone.

Follow my journey as I build this site, review apps and give Apple tips and reviews along the way. The iPad, Air and Pro are awesome devices and I want to help you get the most out of them. Check in often and help me become the official iPad Bum.

I am a web designer, graphic artist, cartoonist, Apple Geek, entrepreneur and social media bum. Enjoy the blog and please tell your friends.

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