Choosing A Cool Bluetooth Speaker

by Bum

Have you thought about purchasing a Bluetooth speaker for your phone or music device? I found very quickly that the only reason I hadn’t known I needed on was because I had never used one.

Jawbone JamboxAfter looking online at several Bluetooth speakers I fell in love with the Jawbone Jambox speakers. This speaker looks very cool and is completely wireless. I loved the grey hex design and thought the size would be perfect. After some consideration I decided to start a little smaller and save a little cash.

I ended up with the SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker and it has blown me away. The size is awesome! It is basically the size of a tennis ball and comes in a really cool shape. The size was only part of the total coolness factor this device has. The set up on my MacBook Pro was simple and only took minutes.

Once the device and my computer connected I could not believe the sound. Especially the bass! This little gadget can pump out the tunes. My 8 and 10 year old girls went wild for it and have been trying to get it from me to use with their iTouches.

I am not giving this thing up. I’ve been using it in replacement of my computer speakers and may never use them again. I have not taken it in the car and used it with my iPhone yet but I’m sure the clarity will be fantastic.

The SW50 came with itself, a USB cord and a non-slide pad. That was it. I tried to open the speaker to see about the batteries and was happy to discover it is rechargeable!! No batteries to buy. Just plug the USB into a computer of wall plug and it charges quickly.

SoundWave SpeakerThe wireless speaker has become a part of my desktop. I love it as a conversation piece and a paperweight at the same time. People are very surprised when they discover where the music in my office is coming from.

It comes with an on and off button to save power and also has a microphone button to turn the mic on and off. It also has a battery status indicator which works with an iPhone. You can track the battery life by looking at the indicator on your phone. Way cool again.

I love this speaker and it is perfect for my office and car. I may have to move up to the Jawbone Jambox later for a little bigger device with a little more sound. The Jambox would be perfect for parties and outdoors.

If you are looking for an easy to use Bluetooth speaker I would recommend the SoundWave SW50.

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