Creating Message Groups on iPhone 4

by Bum

iMessage IconThis is an update to the question: How do I create a text message group on my iPhone 4?

It’s October 2011 and Apple has released the iPhone 4S and iOS 5. So, you’ve got all of this really cool technology and everything has been updated. You finally think it is your time, a time to create text Groups on your iPhone 4 so that you can text message a large group with a single selection. Well… forget about it.

As much as I love Apple they’ve got me scratching my head on this one. The latest iOS 5 still has not added the option of creating new Contacts Groups on your iPhone. You can create new photo Albums in your Camera Roll and add photos but you can’t create a new Group in Contacts. Come on Apple, where’s the sense in that?

Even with the addition of iMessage there has been no change to the messaging features. Groups can only be created on your computer and are then transferred to your iPhone when you synch with iTunes or through iCloud. I tested this with iCloud and the new Group I created made it to my iPhone 4 within about a minute.

Unfortunately the problems don’t stop there. Even though you can add Groups to Contacts by synching your iPhone to your computer, that does not allow you to select a Group from Contacts and text message that entire Group at once. You still have to select each individual contact, one at a time.

Apple needs to build in a feature that would allow us to create a text message Groups in our Contacts. Each contact in the text Group would only have a single email so that the entire Group could be selected at once. Wow, wouldn’t that be nice. And once selected, the Group would show up in the text area by the Groups name so we as texters would know which Group was which.

Currently, you can group text multiple people by selecting them individually and adding them to your message. Once sent, the group does stay in your message area but there is no indication of what the Group is called. The person with the lowest alphabetical name appears first and the other recipients are hidden. It would be nice to open your texts and see the names of multiple Groups you’d like to contact quickly.

Many of you are dropping by my website looking for the solution to this problem and to date, the only solution is to purchase a third party app that does allow these features. I’ll do a little bit of testing on several apps and let you know which I would recommend until Apple fixes this glaring flaw.

If you have created a text messaging app and would like me to review it please let me know. Keep your fingers crossed that Apple will eventually add this simple feature to their own text messaging application.

Keep checking back and I’ll keep you updated.

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Brandi Smith Lott January 7, 2013 at 3:54 pm

MANY thanks for clarifying in an EASY to understand message that the group texting feature is simply not there.  Too many “I like to hear myself talk geeks” have walked through the steps to create a “group” that i could then sync to my phone… and I was like:  “but what’s the POINT of this group? I can’t select it to USE the group?”  I just want to save a group, and text that group, and then easily find them again to text them once more!  Ughhh…. This should be the Number 1 item on their to-do list!   For business it’s important (team meetings, prospect clients, emergency alerts, etc…), as a mom it’s important (baseball team texts, GNO, all family texts…), heck, even my son is annoyed that he can’t grab the same group easily each time… he has to either create a new imessage group, or scroll till he finds the old group to text again… (have you SEEN how many texts a teen sends???) my son would be there all day scrolling down to find that group!  Anyway, I was annoyed about this issue back in our 3GS days… but gosh it’s just silly that they can’t add a SIMPLE feature like this (but I got one heck of a new camera, and extra rows for more apps, yada yada…) Sigh.  Thanks for understanding my frustration – I needed to hear from someone who GOT the issue. :)  Happy day to you!

jenny May 10, 2013 at 5:23 am

Recently, I have purchased an iphone 4 S cover for my iphone as such cool iphone 4S covers gives new look to iphone. The only option in iphone 4S is that you need to create a contact group in other application on your computer. If you have already created a group in your iphone then you it can get synchronized with other devices.

Sarah October 28, 2013 at 11:20 pm

Yes … that would be fantastic …. at the moment I’m using text2group an app.. I have on my ipad …. it does work very well …. but I need to have a group name that only shows to each person in that group …. not all of the contact details on display so each person can see the details of others in that group … I’m using this for business … so very eager to change this problem so my customers aren’t unhappy …. I have had just a couple complain …. wishing I could hide their details … your help would be appreciated ….. I have just sent a whole heap out just now and thought I would turn off MMS …. so I haven’t checked yet to see if that has solved my problem…. hopefully …. otherwise I would love your feedback …. thanks.. cheers

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