Dropbox is Way Cool

by Bum

Dropbox Logo Dropbox is Cool!

I’m really loving my Dropbox account! And why shouldn’t I? It is free and I get to easily share large files with my family, friends and clients. What could be cooler?

Dropbox is the hippest thing going online right now. I’m sure you’ve heard of all this Cloud based storage and computing, which is exactly what Dropbox is. It is a server somewhere in the clouds that you can upload files to, send an email to someone and they can share the files and folders with you.

How do these cats make any money? Well, you soon find out that you can eat up your free limit pretty quickly. If you’d like more storage, say to back up all of your files, you can pay for more. Pretty simple concept.

But there are other ways of getting more free space as well! For each person you turn on to Dropbox you get an extra 250MB for free space Sooooo… I’m inviting all of you to open up Dropbox accounts and download the setup which only takes minutes with nothing complicated to do.

Your fist 2GB are free if you follow this link… Free Dropbox account!

Thanks and enjoy!

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